Design. Quality. Interoperability. Choice. Founded nearly two decades ago by Tim Huisking, and still innovating today, Holovision is committed to providing the best in home automated security systems with the widest variety of customizable designs to suit any taste. We are the national leader in entry access systems for private residences, estates, and select multifamily projects, with design and technology that is second to none, backed by a 18-year tradition of exceptional service and expert support.
With choices including brass, aluminum, and stainless steel faceplates for a diversity of camera, intercom, keyless, and biometric technologies, Holovision systems can provide for any technical requirement and seamlessly integrate with any aesthetic. Partnering with leaders in home automation including Crestron, Savant, Elan, and Control4, we enable easy interoperability to provide complete integrated solutions. With over 4,000 unique products and the ability to further customize designs to meet your needs, it is our pledge to continue to innovate and deliver on the quality products we've delivered to our faithful customers over the past two decades.